Match 3 game: Pop Frogs

‘Pop Frogs’ is an iOS free puzzle / match 3 game. First of all the player must connect frogs of the same color while he pops`em away to clear the levels. Touch one frog, then drag to connect it with its neighbors and finally release to pop them away. As a result the player sees the dirty leaves underneath them getting cleared. The game gets tough with elements like frozen frogs and king frogs, frogs with spells and various floors of dirty leaves.

Match 3 or more frogs of the same color.


Happy worlds with hundred of levels to play.

Play with Facebook friends & compete.

Pattern based power-ups and cheats

Making patterns with the connected frogs is the best way to get power ups. Therefore there are several patterns like the cross which gives a broom and removes any single frog. Or the circle which blasts a large number of frogs. The zig-zag removes the spells from a frog and the straight line let the player change the color of any frog.

In addition, there are some very handy cheats like the second chance. So the player continues from the point he loses without the need to restart the level. Most noteworthy cheat of all is the option to skip a level therefore the player can advance to the next one.


Obstacles that the player will face during the game are the frozen frogs which he must defrost by popping neighbor frogs. Also the frog kings that need more than three frogs to connect and pop away. Furthermore there are spells on some frogs that the player must remove with the use of magic filter.


Pop Frogs in addition with its addictive game-play, brings social elements so the player can login with his Facebook account. Therefore he can invite friends, compete and see friends` progress. He can also save all his progress in his social account. This way, the player`s data is platform independent.


Finally there are settings which the player can use to customize the experience. Change the style of music from calm to cheerful and adjust the opacity of the backgrounds for more restful game-play.

Dive into different worlds

Some of the worlds / backgrounds are the River, the Bath, the Moon, the Desert, the Wild West, etc. The whole environment (menus etc) gets the skin of the world that the player plays at the specific moment. As a result the player gets rewarded with a non boring cute, colorful and relaxing experience.



POP FROGS supports its friends and response immediately to suggestions, bug reports & friend requests.